Bloglines logoAsk.comから"Bloglines Service to Continue."と言う件名でメールが届いて驚いたのですが、閉鎖が予定されていたBloglinesが一転、継続が決まったとのことです。

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I am happy to share with you all that Bloglines will continue -- MerchantCircle, the largest online network of local business owners, has agreed to manage the Bloglines service for us and keep it up and running with no interruptions for our users. That means your data is still there, intact, and you can continue to use your same log-in and password as always. | Blog | MerchantCircle to Take Over Operations of the Popular Bloglines Platform コメントを見る コメントを見る

We have some exciting news to share today that we think is going to make the experience on MerchantCircle even more valuable for our users. We’ve reached an agreement with to assume control of the RSS reader site Bloglines in order to rejuvenate and integrate it with the MerchantCircle experience.


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